ConsulNet powers up Summatix!

ConsulNet has signed on as the lead developer for SUMMATIX.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Aug 1, 2017 – ConsulNet Computing Inc. is pleased to announce that they have partnered with Summatix  (formerly CHARM* Informatics Pty Ltd) to develop their software applications and data platform.

Summatix is a Melbourne-based medical informatics startup that will provide data aggregation and monetization services to makers of “smart” medical devices. Summatix’s data management services will enable any device maker, no matter how large or small, to make its data more useful to the U.S. and other major healthcare ecosystems.

The Summatix platform will reduce costs for both device companies and data users through economies of scale by eliminating overlapping investments in IT infrastructure. Summatix’s knowledge and experience navigating the healthcare reimbursement landscape will save device companies and payers alike endless headaches, as Summatix will be able to provide assistance with pricing and reimbursement.

As the Summatix platform grows, it will be increasingly valuable to aggregate data from any given device with health insights gained from other devices or data sources. For example, it will be possible to learn far more about the interaction among a given disease state, treatment protocols and rehabilitation efforts. Summatix will license Canary’s unique, patent-pending, auction-based data monetization algorithm. This method combines the whole of a patient’s monitoring activity (e.g., medical devices, fitness/health trackers, self-reported data, etc.) into a form more useful and valuable to hospitals, payers, and others, and monetizes it in ways that provide powerful incentives to device companies and patients, all while respecting patient privacy and device company trade secrets.

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* The collective noun for canaries is “charm”.